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SteelSeries Becomes Second Time Sponsor

SteelSeries [1]

SteelSeries [2], the high quality gaming gear company from Denmark has become a second-time sponsor of Digital Storm LAN [3]. Those who competed at Digital Storm 2006 will remember that SteelSeries sponsored the WCG Counter Strike tournament, providing prizes for the top three teams. Casper Mejlholm, Marketing Manager for SteelSeries says that the company is very pleased to be working with the Digital Storm team again, and this year the number of prize packages will be very substantial. The prize packages will be announced in the very near future. Other sponsors to date include Shaw Cablesystems [4], Blade Radio, [5] RedBeard [6], Argus Cameras [7], VisionTek [8], VS Gaming Arena [9] and gameXplore [10]. Digital Storm takes place this August 1, 2 and 3rd at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver and is a fund raiser for KillaNet’s digital media centre for youth. If you are interested in becoming a Digital Storm supporter and sponsor, please contact the event organizers through the Digital Storm website [3].