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BattleGoat Releases Supreme Ruler Cold War Patch

battlegoat studios [1]BattleGoat Studios [1] and Paradox Interactive today announced the release of a new patch [2] for Supreme Ruler: Cold War [3] that brings numerous improvements and a brand new scenario to the grand strategy game as the Cold War heats up in the late 1950’s. The patch is now available through auto update for all Supreme Ruler: Cold War owners though the game launcher.

What would have been the fallout if a nuclear exchange had occurred between the United States and the USSR? Perhaps it would have given China a chance to emerge from the Shadow of the Bear. Start the game as China just before a nuclear exchange between the US and USSR. Use the opportunity of the Super Powers weakening each other to move against one of them and claim China’s place as a new Supreme Ruler.

Major features of the patch 7.2.1 include:

– New Scenario : Shadow of the Bear
– More than 80 new Cold War events
– 65 actual leader pictures
– Many new units, unit meshes, technology updates
– Significant game speed and AI improvements
– New game features, interface improvements, and general fixes