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Two New Games From SpongeLab

spongelab [1]SpongeLab Interactive [1] has released two new educational web games: Build-A-Tree [2] and Knowledge Mine Beta [3] – a game for which SpongeLab would like your feedback. These games are both free to play, and add to SpongeLab’s growing library of educational games and activities.Build-A-Tree is a drag and drop game where players are tasked with assembling a sugar maple tree across different seasons from a set of structures. Players may then attempt case studies where a problem with the tree must be linked to the structure affected.

Knowledge Mine is a biology trivia game intended for high school and post secondary students. Containing over 3,500 questions in such topics as biochemistry, human anatomy, genetics, ecology, zoology, science history, evolution and more, it’s got some scope. As mentioned above, SpongeLab is beta testing Knowledge Mine and the studio invites players  to give them feedback, identify bugs, point out questions which need work and suggest improvements to the game.