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Get Night Whisper Lane For Free Tomorrow

mini-orby [1]EPX Games [2] has announced that Night Whisper Lane is free on Wednesday December 19th 2012 on iTunes [3] and Amazon’s App Store [4]. Night Whisper Lane is a new survival horror game that many gamers refer to  as “Resident Evil Meets Final Fantasy.”  See how long you can survive before one of the many deadly traps get you as you escape the horrors of Night Whisper Lane and live to see another day. There is also a free demo version [5] of the game on iTunes, available now.


Night Whisper Lane is the first authentic Survival Horror gaming experience specifically designed for iOS that merges classic “Point and Click” gameplay with a “Turn-Based Battle System” to help you fend off whatever evil awaits you in this seemingly endless labyrinth. You find yourself in presence of an old ominous house without the faintest idea of how you got there, yet you feel drawn to it and are compelled to enter. Immediately you look down to your arm and see….Goosebumps. As you reach to find the door you entered blocked, the shivers spread to every toe and finger tip.  You will need to trust your instincts, wit and memory to uncover the mystery behind the house and its connection to a mystifying femme fatal. Will you survive long enough to escape from the terror on Night Whisper Lane?

There are many hidden traps and deadly encounters on your journey that can and will kill your character! Be mindful of what you interact with as you look for items to solve puzzles and unlock doors & passages.  Weapons & ammunition are scarce so keep an eye out for them and manage them wisely because fighting empty handed is certain death.  Make sure to restore your character’s health by using Bandages and First-Aid kits especially if you have a sneaky suspicion a trap or encounter is lurking around. This concludes the Survival Guide.

Game Features:

To prolong your terror, scenarios 2, 3 and 4 are coming soon.

Night Whisper Lane has been rated 12+ on iTunes for the following:

This game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Amazon has rated this game as Guidance Suggested – the content of this application is appropriate for most users. This application may contain infrequent examples of content included below and may also contain nudity within medical/informational or artistic contexts. This game may contain:

Other information from Amazon for Android users:

Application Permissions:

Minimum Operating System: Android 2.2

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Get Night Whisper Lane by @EPXGames For iOS & Android – It’s Free Tomorrow [10]