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Quickdraw Mech Available Now In MechWarrior Online

infinite game publishing [1]piranha games [2]Technicron Manufacturing [3] and Piranha Games [4] released three new variants of the Quickdraw Mech today for MechWarrior Online [5] pilots and houses looking to secure a close-combat Mech for their lances. With speeds topping 85 kph with a mass of 60 tons, the Quickdraw can manage jumps more than 150 meters while raining down hell upon its enemies in intimate combat. Today also sees the availability of a new, tricked out Champion Mech for MechWarrior Online: pilots in the Inner Sphere can now try and buy the ferocious Hunchback HBK-4P© which comes with a 10 percent XP Bonus. And for pilots looking to enhance their cockpits with some sweet miniature décor, the Spider Mech is now available in the Mech Lab as a new cockpit item.

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For the complete list of map and gameplay enrichments in this latest update to MechWarrior Online, and a complete breakdown of loadouts for the Quickdraw and Champion Hunchback Mechs please see today’s Patch Notes [6] on the MechWarrior Online site.