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Sword Of The Stars The Pit MindGames Expansion Out Now

kerberos productions [1]Mind over Monsters! A new expansion is now available for Sword of the Stars: The Pit [2], the popular role-playing game from Kerberos Productions [1]. The MindGames DLC expands the fan-favorite roguelike by unlocking the eerie powers of the mind for all playable characters. In addition to 28 new psionic powers, MindGames offers two new playable characters, ten new levels, new monsters, new weapons and items, and new game mechanics which will enhance the already-addictive game experience for old players and newcomers alike.

One of the innovative new features of the MindGames expansion is the new player-controlled Start system, which will allow players to “bank” items and experience as they play. Using their banked XP and items, players will be able to choose where the game will re-start if they suffer permadeath in the current session, and what equipment they will have in their new run of the game. For the most hardcore players, Kerberos has also added two new play Modes, “Infinite Mode” and “Seriously? Mode”, for players who find that “Insane Mode” just isn’t insane enough.

Incorporating even more of the popular Sword of the Stars universe, MindGames offers a rich science fiction backdrop and sharp modern gameplay with a playful art style and accessible gameplay that are suitable to a wide audience. The Pit: MindGames is now available on Steam [3], Greenman Gaming [4], GOG.com [5], GamersGate [6], and from fine digital retailers everywhere!


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