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Adrenaline-Junkie Avatars Jump Without A Chute

stegersaurus [1]Stegersaurus [1] has released a new title on Xbox Live Indie Games. Avatar Without A Chute [2] is a flying Avatar Without A Chute [3]game – kind of. It’s actually a falling game. Players “toss” their avatars out into thin air and then let them fall to earth, collecting points on the way down. The object of the game is to be the first avatar to reach the ground. Now I have to try this game to see if my avatar will go splat, and how well it will splat. For some reason, I find the splatability of my avatar to be somewhat intriguing. There are no power-ups to collect, so riches are to be found in the number of points you can garner before hitting the ground.

Avatar Without A Chute features single player fun in offline mode while in online mode you can play with 2-4 friends. There is a free trial, or you can get the full game for 80 MS Points.