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Kryos Velocity Platform Now Available on Android

kyros [1]Calgary-based Kryos Systems [2] has launched their rapid mobile application development platform, Velocity, in a version compatible with Android™ smartphones and tablets. According to a comScore report published in February, the Android platform is the leader in smartphone market share [3] in the USA.

The Velocity platform has long helped businesses to create full-featured applications for the BlackBerry® platform and the addition of Android platform support allows applications created to operate across either type of device, making the Velocity software even more impactful for enterprise business looking for ways to increase efficiency.

Velocity [4] will allow non-specialist developers to program custom applications for the Android platform, cutting the traditional time and costs associated with setting up mobile applications significantly.

Jeff Samis, Vice President of Product and Market Development at Kryos Systems said, “Velocity works by acting as an interface between much more common XML language and the various native languages that are traditionally used to write applications for smartphones. This means that businesses can use in-house staff, versus expensive and rare skills, to create their mobile applications for both the Blackberry and Android platforms. And they can do this in a time frame of weeks compared to months.”

“Our plans to launch on the Android platform have been ongoing for over a year now and we are very pleased to be offering the market place choice in application development.”

Applications built using the Velocity platform for Android smartphones and tablets will make full use of all of the features of the device, including the camera, calendar, address book, email, and others. Once installed on the smartphone, the applications created mesh seamlessly with the device’s own menus and widgets, providing businesses with the ability to give out of office mobile device user’s full access to information and systems in an intuitive interface.

Velocity features built-in security measures and encryption for all applications built using it, and operates even in those instances when there is no connection to a cell tower. As soon as a connection is made the application will process any work completed prior to losing connection. Battery life and network capacity is optimized through an efficient information caching system.

The new Velocity will run on Android tablets that use the Android 2.1 and higher operating system. This cross platform functionality means that a business needs only to create their application once to have it work on both BlackBerry and Android devices.

The release of Velocity for the Android platform coincides with a recent announcement [5] from BlackBerry smartphone producers, Research In Motion, about plans to deploy a device management infrastructure to support Android and iOS smartphones. The solution is expected to incorporate secure device management for Android devices and other iOS based devices, all managed from a single web-based console. This important announcement from Research In Motion, the leader in enterprise mobility, means that businesses can much more easily manage individual devices coming into the enterprise.