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LMI Technologies Announces Availability of FlexScan3D 3.3.2 Software for HDI 3D Scanners

lmi technologies [1]LMI Technologies [1] (LMI), a Vancouver-based developer of 3D scanning, measurement, and inspection technologies, today announced the availability of the latest version of FlexScan3D 3.3.2 software. The company developed the 3D scanning technology to power the HDI 3D scanners that capture accurate, high-resolution 3D digital models from real-world objects. Advancements in this software release continue to focus on optimizing the 3D scanning workflow by introducing more features that automate steps that were previously done manually. The streamlined workflow has the ability to generate digital 3D models from physical objects faster than ever before. The models can be exported for use in a variety of applications, including reverse engineering, 3D printing, visualization, or inspection.

“At LMI, we believe in making 3D technologies like 3D scanning more accessible,” said Terry Arden, CEO of LMI Technologies. “3D scanning can be perceived as a specialized skill that is difficult to learn and master. The new version of FlexScan3D puts those who are new to 3D scanning at ease by automating various steps in the process, making 3D scanning much easier and more intuitive for users from capturing scans to building a 3D model.”

Major developments for FlexScan3D 3.3.2 include:

Other improvements to FlexScan3D’s advanced features include:

FlexScan3D 3.3.2 is now available with the purchase of the HDI 3D Scanners, including the HDI Advance and the HDI 120. The latest version now supports Italian in addition to English, French, German, and Chinese. Customers with valid maintenance package can also download the software for free. For more information, please visit the LMI Technologies [1]‘ website.