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Canada [1]Village Gamer is based in Aldergrove, BC – about 50km east of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada.

This site carries news from the Canadian interactive digital media, film and high-tech industries.¬† On our pages you will find news exclusively about companies which, if not purely Canadian, have a strong and active Canadian presence, with a Canadian business location. We endeavour to become that global voice for our national interactive media industry which becomes heard around the world, striving to grow into a national resource for both those who reside within our borders and those who don’t.

To Reiterate: Village Gamer  is a Canadian Content site and only publishes news from companies and organizations from the Canadian film, digital and interactive media industry sectors who maintain a Canadian location.

Communications managers and PR agencies are welcome to send us corporate, school and association news, but please be aware that if the news release is not about a Canadian company, product, event or school, or in some way involves Canada, chances are we will not publish it. If you wish to have a contest publicized, it must be open to Canadians.

If you want to have your game reviewed, please contact our review partners, Canadian Online Gamers [2] and GameSparked [3].

Please see our Submission Guidelines [4] page for more information.

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