2nd January 2009


Official Website: Puzzlegeddon
Format: PC
Developer: Pieces Interactive
Publisher: Pieces Interactive
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: E – Everyone


Puzzlegeddon features an inventive mix of puzzle, action and strategy. Select your island of choice and puzzle for resources to defend yourself and to defeat opponents throughout the many galaxies, game modes and challenges which await you in Puzzlegeddon.

When I was asked to review this game I had never heard of it or even seen any screenshots; I wasn’t sure what to expect. So when I read how the game functions, I was quite impressed. The main goal of the game is to defeat your opponents by solving a puzzle of different colors. As you solve the puzzle you will earn different resources to use against your opponents and decrease their health. Along with those resources that do damage to your opponent, there are also resources you can collect to protect yourself.

Puzzlegeddon Gameplay

When you jump right into the game, you’ll have a good feeling of comfort thinking you have played games similar to this one. I had that feeling — I was very wrong, fortunately. I played a few rounds solving the puzzle and found out that I was losing when I clearly thought I was winning. Of course, I’m a guy, so I don’t read the directions! After reading the directions I found out that you can battle against your opponents and try to kill them with resources you earn by breaking certain colors together. Well, after I found that out I was all set!

Puzzlegeddon Gameplay

The game offers a single and multi-player mode which both offer great game play, multi-player especially. We all know how single player mode works, so I’m just going to give you a quick run down of how the multi-player works. You can either set up your own game or join another game created by another person. If you create or join one you will have the option to communicate with the other players through a small chat screen at the bottom of the playing screen. Of course there is no talking while the game is going on. Everyone is too busy crushing their opponents! Another great feature of multi-player mode is if you create a game, you can moderate the game. This gives you the ability to kick out a player who is being disruptive or just being plain rude. Good idea, right?

Puzzlegeddon Gameplay

Using single player mode is quite simple! You select your game mode (Death match or Battle Royale), the time limit (5-60 minutes), number of bots (Easy, Medium, or Hard), and then finally you can alter the modifiers which control how the game will play. Will players slowly regenerate health? Will weaker players withstand more damage? You can set all of this in the modifiers panel. Once your game is set up you start playing against the bots. If you feel the bots are too hard to battle against, you can always kick some of them out with the moderator options.

Overall, I was very impressed with the game play. If you want to know how addicting this game can be, listen to this. I opened this game for the first time and started playing. I’m playing for about an hour and soon decided to shut the game off and get some other work done. To my surprise, I actually played 4 hours. Time flew by that day! Needless to say I didn’t get all of the work I needed to get done that day. So kudos to Pieces Interactive! This is the first casual puzzle game I have played in a long time that has kept me hooked for hours on end.

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