18th June 2010

Growing Pains At Village Gamer

On behalf of the administration of Village Gamer, and especially on behalf of myself (a somewhat exhausted IT for said site), I want to issue our apologies for the recent errors our site may have been causing your browsers and RSS Readers.

It would appear that, in a moment of (I don’t know what I was thinking), a decision was made to update to the most recent version of Apache and PHP5.  This was supposed to coincide with the release of WordPress 3.0, marking a milestone for both the software we utilize here, as well as one for the site itself (1500 post).  Unfortunately, like many things that I plan out with great depth, not much in-depth planning was put into it on my part, and some hefty site issues were experienced as a result.

Over the past few hours, I think I may have localized the issues, and solved the problems.  Sadly, I will not know for sure until the next problem comes along… or, more hopefully, does not come along.

This site is going through some pretty amazing changes with its growth, and I hope that you will stick with us through them.  I promise to not make this a regular occurrence (I value occasional moments of relaxation… something that is not available when our flagship site experiences problems like it has gone through today).

We welcome any feedback you may have, and as always, will do our best to assure that we are here to be your main source for all Canadian Digital Media News.  Part of that promise involves me making sure I don’t break the site again (some of you in the Vancouver area know by now that I’m becoming famous for being the IT who says a lot of “oops… don’t worry, I can fix this… oh crap… I mean, it’ll be okay!”).
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  1. Josh Martin
    9:09 am on June 19th, 2010

    I was wondering what was going on! lol. All ya had to say was “Oops..” and I’d know what was happening rofl 😛

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