1st May 2011

The Beginning Of Changes…

Our Old ServerFor those of you who do not know, some changes have taken place here at Village Gamer over the past week… the first change in a long list of upcoming surprises and updates that are due to take place here on the site.
This first change, which I am hoping many of you have noticed already, is a faster loading website.  We decided to take advantage of a brief promotion (promo code TRIPLE) put on by our data center, SoftLayer (who happen to be supporters of various conferences that have taken place here in Vancouver) and upgrade both the hardware and network to something better fitting of the upcoming changes we want to bring to our users.
Over the upcoming weeks (or months, as time may allow, though I hope for the former), we will be expanding our network of sites to encompass all things Canada.  While the first step was unfortunately to get a server from an American Company, it is located in Seattle… so at least it’s a lot closer to that border now, and close enough that should we ever feel a need, we could actually drive down and visit it (hey, I’m IT, to me a tour of a datacenter and a chance to see my server is a holiday).
So anyway, part of this new server experience was setting it up to be as close to the same configuration as the old server, to allow for as few website errors as possible.  This isn’t exactly an easy task, especially when going from a 32bit operating system to a 64bit system.  So anyway, should you experience any issues on the site, please let me know right away so that it can be fixed up.  I tried to make sure I got them all, but as always, something manages to slip through the cracks.

So you all enjoy the speedy loading site, while I try to avoid saying “oops… don’t worry Tami, I can fix this”.

And, speaking of which… don’t worry, I can fix this.

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