15th April 2014

Change Is In The Air At TransGaming

transgamingTransGaming Inc.,  provider of innovative technology solutions for the rapidly evolving video games industry, has announced a significant leap for its Graphics and Portability Group (GPG) by adding technology source-code licensing, full game publishing and the added support for the enablement of PC games and other DirectX®-based content on Android, iOS and SteamOS. These new products are market-driven opportunities to extend the company’s existing technology leadership business. The company’s strategy is tied to a changing industry, customers’ increased demand for technology to solve urgent development needs and the opportunity to achieve scalability.

Offering technology source-code licensing for customers represents the most monumental extension in TransGaming’s Graphics and Portability Group business since the introduction of Cider for Mac video game enablement in 2006. Previously, TransGaming only worked with clients to transfer PC games to Mac by internally enabling those games, using its proprietary technology on behalf of game developers and publishers. Now, TransGaming is licensing its industry leading technology, including a source-code licensing option, directly to customers, enabling game developers to harness TransGaming’s technology themselves in order to bring the entire process in-house and allowing them to easily support multiple platforms with only one code base, which saves significant time and costs.

Additionally, developers can deploy the TransGaming technology at any time, even at or near the end of the development cycle. Typically, incorporating new technology or targeting new platforms requires implementation early in a game’s development cycle, but TransGaming’s technology has the versatility to be deployed at any stage, including at the end of development or post product launch, which provides a major benefit and unlimited flexibility for game developers.

Secondly, TransGaming is now a full spectrum games publisher for titles on the Mac platform. Game companies with industry leading PC titles can partner with TransGaming to manage the complete games publishing model including distribution and marketing. TransGaming has been a successful Mac games company for over 7 years and will expand that expertise and market reach as a publisher. TransGaming has created the Mac SKUs for best-selling PC games from the industry’s most successful publishers, including CCP, Disney, Electronic Arts, NCSoft, Take-Two.

Lastly, TransGaming has added support to its technology platform to enable PC games for Android and iOS devices and for SteamOS. With TransGaming’s technology, customers can enable their DirectX® based content on any device or system that supports Open GL® or OpenGL ES. Game developers can save significant time and resources by using TransGaming’s innovative technology platform while realizing new revenue streams.

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“We are changing the way TransGaming operates with our customers by significantly modifying our licensing models, by entering the game publishing arena, and by supporting more platforms where high quality games are in massive demand. We’ve seen an incredible appetite by the industry to utilize our technology platform under these new models and our customers will now be able to reach new devices, systems and audiences without the need to engage in the traditional expensive process of porting or redevelopment of their content,” said Vikas Gupta, President and CEO of TransGaming. “This expansion was a significant new focus and required a sizeable resource allocation. We’ve spent the last quarter readying our technology to meet the needs of this new model and customer demand and we expect the revenue opportunity to scale rapidly in the coming quarters and provide a robust return on investment. We’ve already commercially engaged with industry leading game companies and will be announcing these customer wins soon.”

TransGaming has been investing in its enablement technology platform for more than a decade and has the most sophisticated DirectX to Open GL technology in the world, which has already been proven with the biggest game developers and publishers and on the biggest game franchises. This technology platform is managed within the company’s Graphics and Portability Group and the new models and opportunities are driven by market demand and the emergence of new devices that are primarily OpenGL based.

A whitepaper (PDF) detailing TransGaming’s binary and source level portability technologies is available online.


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