9th December 2014

Diametric Games Would Like You To Get Gas

diametricFor everyone who enjoys platformers, Diametric Games Inc. would like to let you know about GAS, their mobile game that stands out from the rest as it is the only game in the genre that engages the player with resource management, not only the “learnt it playing Super Mario” familiar gameplay.  Because of the combination of slapstick humour, classic gaming style, and serious game design GAS will bring a new way to look at the platformer while not screwing up the pure enjoyment of the game.

Play out the epic battle between too much and not enough in this platformer that destroys the genre’s established method of gameplay.  Never before has a 2D platformer tackled the challenge of resource management…until now!

In GAS you have just eaten at an exotic restaurant. Delicious but not sitting too well! Can you make it before it’s too late?? Use your “side effects” to get through the landscape of different countries to make it to the bathroom in time! Skilled gamers will find GAS a real challenge due to its inventive design techniques but with easy and hard modes it is also a fun and enjoyable farcical game for kids…just leave the sound effects on!

Yes it’s a fart game…but it’s SO MUCH MORE!


Game Features:

  • Easy and Hard settings to tackle the challenge at hand as you see fit.
  • Progressively difficult levels to constantly add to the user experience.
  • On/Off switch for the sound effects and music (We knew that would be important!)
  • Counter-established gameplay that turns the idea of “How to play platformers” on its head.
  • Beautiful geographically accurate scenery and level design for that authentic feel!


  • Balancing the gas on your GAS-O-METER is your key to success or failure.
  • Use your “side effects” to jump on and over variety of natural and manmade obstacles
  • Get more gas by consuming the indigenous foods of each country
  • Watch out for tablets and bottles of antacids that take away your gas
  • Run out of gas and you crap your pants but too much gas and you explode!

Game Installs:

Game Info:

  • Price:  USD $0.99
  • Availability:   Android (3.0 and up), iOS (5 and up)
  • Content Rating:   Medium, 4+
  • File Size: Android 31Mb, iOS 51Mb
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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    2:34 am on December 9th, 2014

    .@DiametricGames Would Like You To Get Gas http://t.co/Vffu1dw2iG #eyeoncanada

  2. @DiametricGames
    3:45 am on December 9th, 2014

    RT @VillageGamer: .@DiametricGames Would Like You To Get Gas http://t.co/Vffu1dw2iG #eyeoncanada

  3. Just Push Play (@justpushplaycan)
    12:36 am on December 10th, 2014

    RT @VillageGamer: .@DiametricGames Would Like You To Get Gas http://t.co/Vffu1dw2iG #eyeoncanada

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